Terry Silverlight endorses the following products

Pro-Mark Sticks

Terry uses the following models:
American Hickory 737 Sticks
American Rock Maple SD-4 Sticks
American Maple MJZ-11 Sticks
American Maple MJZ-7 Sticks
TB-5 Brushes
Hot Rods
Performer Series PSTB30 Mallets

Paiste Cymbals

Terry's cymbal set-up is:
10" Signature Splash
8" Signature Dark Energy Splash Mark I
13" Signature Dark Energy Hats Mark I
16" Signature Traditionals Thin Crash
15" Signature Dark Energy Crash Mark I
20" Signature Traditionals Medium Light Swish
20" Signature Light Dark Ride Mark I
20" Alpha Flat Ride
20" Signature Traditionals Light Flat Rides with and without Rivets
Vintage poster from 1977

Gretsch Drums

Terry's drum set-up is:
USA Maple Series
8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 13x16 Toms
18x22 Bass Drum
16x18 Bass Drum
6x14 Snare
6x13 Free Floating System 2 by 4 Snare
5.5x10 Mighty Mini Steel Snare

Evans Drumheads

Terry's drumhead set-up is:
Genera G2 coated tom batters
EC2 Clear tom batters
Resonant bottom tom heads
EMAD Clear batter bass drum
EQ3 Resonant Black bass drum
Power Center Reverse Dot coated (white dot) 14" & 13" snare batter
Genera G1 coated 10" snare batter
Snare Side 200 Hazy 14" & 13" snares
Snare Side 300 Hazy 10" snare
Calftone Snare Drumhead


LP-Latin Percussion

Terry's LP percussion set-up is:
L'il Ridge Rider Cowbell
Mambo Cowbell
Concert Bar Chimes
Jam Blocks-High and Low
Cyclops Brass Tambourine
"Shake It" Shaker
"One Shot" Small Shaker

Puresound Snare Wires