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All Music Guide




The Princeton Alumni Weekly 
(October 8, 1997 Terry Silverlight solo artist CD review)

Paiste Artists' New Releases

Mel Torme: A Chronicle of his Recordings, Books and Films
(listing Terry as the drummer on Mel's "A New Album". Later re-released as "Mel Torme with the Chris Gunning Orchestra")

International Who's Who In Popular Music
(with Terry's entry)

Marjorie Maye
(listing Terry as a co-writer)

Best Jazz of 2010
(listing Terry as one of the year's best drummers for his drumming on the Manhattan Jazz Orchestra album, "Sing, Sing, Sing")

Jazz Forum Arts Performance

Review of Laura Nyro's "Mother's Spiritual" album mentioning Terry Silverlight as the drummer

Edgar Winter
(listing Terry's album, "WILD!!", that Edgar plays sax and sings on)

IMDB movie listings
(Terry's songs are in these films)

THE SOPRANOS featuring Terry's songs


Barry Miles

Will Lee

Phil Woods

Morris "Arnie" Lang

Jim Chapin

Vic Juris

Lew Soloff

Don Johnson
(mentioning Terry as the drummer on his album, "Heartbeat")

Marti Jones
(listing Terry as the drummer on her album "Match Game" )

John Gentry Tennyson

Terry Silverlight plays drums on Tennyson's "Real World Trio" album with Tony Scherr and guests Randy Brecker & Dewey Redman

John Gentry Tennyson
"All About Jazz" article mentioning Terry Silverlight
Terry plays drums on Tennyson's "Real World Trio" album

Terry Silverlight, Eric Kloss, Kenny Barron, Vic Juris, Harvie S

Lehman College Jazz Festival
(Terry was a featured guest artist)

Bob Putignano's WFDU.FM "SOUNDS OF BLUE" radio show
(Terry has appeared as a guest)




Drumming For Peace

Maia Amada
(mentioning Terry as producer and songwriter on her albums)




Steve Pappaterra
(mentioning Terry as his drum teacher, and Terry writes a testimonial)

Tom Palmer
(mentioning Terry as his drum teacher)

Father Funk's drummer Dan Zegart
(mentioning Terry as his drum teacher)

Garey Williams
(mentioning Terry's book, "The Featured Drummer")

Jimm Hickey
(listing Terry as the drummer on his album)

Forrest Buchtel
(listing Terry as the drummer on his album)

Steve Rudolph

Peter Dembski
(listing Terry as the drummer on his album)

Logic Music/Spyros Poulos
(Terry writes a testimonial)

Dan Britt
(Terry writes a testimonial)